So I realised the other day that I get quite a number of questions about where I buy my stuff and thought it would be decent of me to share. It’s not just because I don’t want to be mean, I genuinely would like us all to have beautiful homes that match our personalities, style and general moods. Plus I don’t understand why someone would post something pretty and refuse to tell where they got it from and for how much. Did you not think we would ask?

Anyway, here are my top picks for all things home. Let’s call it The Cultured Cow Hot List, and speak into being that one day, I will be a tastemaker:

Odds & Ends

A.K.A one of my happy places. I was in there a few hours before I gave birth, because I’d seen some glass jars that I just had to have. I actually think I went into labour-lite in there because I remember telling my sister that I was feeling this weird sensation that I couldn’t describe. She laughed and told me not to give birth in the showroom. I gave birth 18 hours later. Part of me wishes I’d gone into labour there; maybe I’d have been given a lifetime’s worth of shopping vouchers or something.

Anyway, over the last two years or so I’ve bought a number of things from there, including the big-ass bed that Gong pushes us out of, glass storage jars that bring order to my pantry, my favourite brass champagne bucket – which holds a throw pillow and the occasional toy – and my black Eames chairs, which give my traditional-style dining table (also from there) a touch of modern minimalism. Look out for their sales, they never disappoint.


The bed. It’s big, it’s masculine, it’s no match for Gong.


My beloved brass bucket. I tried using it as a planter and almost ruined it, so we killed the plant and now I’m content having it there purely for aesthetics.


I used to go there while broke and leave a little broker, because I’m a sucker for small-small things that give me a quick buzz. I’ve gone in there, browsed and walked out with two hand towels because that’s all I could afford. But I’ve also walked in and left a significant percentage of my salary because I just couldn’t leave without 10 pillows and candles and candle holders and the cutest picture frames.

Top tip: if you miss the giant sale held in July at the main store (Tile & Carpet Centre on Mombasa Road), then wait for the sale at the other store (TACC, Lavington) to grab yourself everything from towels and soft furnishings to faux plants, glassware, crockery and pendant lights. This is usually held around November/December.

One of my favourite chandeliers, a brass wire piece that hangs above my bed, is from there. So is the mirror in my room and the carpet in Gong’s room, which I sent my Lover to pick while I recovered from surgery. I might have told him it would make me feel better.

I got this full length mirror from TACC. It used to be brown, I painted it black to match my theme.

Mr. Price Home

For the longest time, I would walk in there and walk out without buying anything, then when I started buying stuff, I kind of couldn’t stop. I grieved for them a little when I thought they were going to close and exit, then they came back with an even better selection and my heart was full. I’ve gotten bedding, pillows, tea towels (in black and white, I couldn’t leave them), and the cutest little bunnies to accessorise Gong’s room. Oh, and if you’re into rose gold and blush, they currently have some pieces worth spending your coin on.

Our beloved family of bunnies, whose baby is now sans ears, chilling on Whitebull shelves


I’d been looking for floating shelves for Gong’s room for a while but couldn’t get what I wanted, and I didn’t want to import them. I don’t remember how I chanced upon Whitebull on Instagram but I immediately fell in love with their shelves, which are just the right mix of simplicity (a short wooden plank) and creativity (leather straps holding up the plank). The owner, Lelei – which actually means white bull she says – installed them herself, and they’re probably one of my favourite features in Gong’s room now. Also, I’m a sucker for good quality stuff made in Kenya so this was a win in so many ways! I’m currently lusting after this wine rack (I might need to start buying wine as an accessory) and this magazine rack.


If you’re into rustic glam or farmhouse chic, then you must check them out. Their selection just says “welcome home” and makes me think of chilly evenings spent hanging around a fireplace with hot tea and warm biscuits – and this is not even something I would normally want to do. Also, Mercy, the lady that runs it, is such a sweetheart. You’ll want to buy something from her as soon as you start talking. Think I’m lying? I bought this shabby chic opener from her and cannot wait to have it up on my balcony once I make it a nice chill spot. It’s the complete opposite of my aesthetic, but I love it. Plus it’s definitely made me want pallet furniture on my balcony now. I think they’ll be a good match.

Mabel Home Style

I met her at the last Asenka Flea Market and bought some faux white roses – which I had sworn never to buy until I realised I couldn’t keep up with weekly flower purchases because: a) the best flowers are bought early in the morning and Saturday is my lie-in day, and b) I haven’t had the patience to buy, cut and arrange fresh flowers every weekend in a very long time. Look her up for faux roses and tulips, pillows and pillowcases, decorative trays and dummy books. She’s got everything you need to create a cute vignette or table scape.

My faux roses make me blind to the assaulting beige tiles in my bathroom. The tray is from Shop Malista.

Shop Malista

You know what grabbed my attention? Their very obvious commitment to gold and marble. I was DM’d to check them out, I did, I fell in love, ordered a few things, and I still want more. May metallic accessories never get old.

Coffee Creatives

Get useful home styling tips, inspo and accessories at decent prices. I’m currently lusting after this gold wine rack, which would look really pretty on my kitchen counter. I’ll just throw Gong’s bottles and other things into a cupboard to make room for that beauty.

Smart Lady Home

I discovered them the other day and immediately ordered pillows, pillowcases and some woven rugs I’d been looking for for a while. Not only did they promise to let me know once they were in stock, they delivered them in record time to my office (I’m talking less than thirty minutes after I placed my order) – and I ended up ordering even more of those and a throw. One can never have too many pillows in one’s house. Or throws.

One of two rugs I got from Smart Lady Home. I’m a sucker for tassels on rugs, but I need to get some anti-slip mats to put under these babies before someone gets hurt.

Glow Lighting

Lighting makes such a big difference to a space, and it’s one of the first things I notice whenever I walk into a room. So after saving my coins for a while I invested in a few pieces from Glow, and I do not regret it. I’ll be honest, getting high quality, affordable chandeliers, pendant lights, table and floor lamps here is hard, so you’ll need to be prepared to shell out a little more for what you’d get for a lot less if you lived in a country that didn’t import almost everything.

I should’ve gotten a better shot of this beauty from Glow. I thought about it for a whole month, saved my coins and finally brought it home.

Noor Lampshades

Don’t let the name fool you: they sell more than lampshades. In fact, I barely even notice the lampshades each time I walk into their store because my eyes are always stuck to the ceiling, just drinking in all the warmth from the glow of dozens of bulbs. I’ve spent so much time ogling at things in that store that they know me now. They’re also probably relieved that I finally started buying stuff. I still dream of the brass and tempered glass bar cart I saw there last year but couldn’t afford at the time. That, and some beautiful velvet and brass chairs, a brass and marble coffee table and a velvet bench that reminded me of High Fashion Home – who I’d willingly be adopted by. They’re not active on Instagram or Facebook and don’t have a website, but find them at Sarit Centre, ground floor.

This light is actually supposed to be used outdoors, but I loved it so much I bought a few for the living and dining areas.

Wicker and sisal baskets

Baskets are so versatile; I want to have some in every room in my house. I’m currently storing Gong’s toys in sisal baskets I bought from Meddy on Redhill road (reach her on 0716 313 003). To keep my pantry tidy, I store stuff in wicker baskets that I buy from husband and wife duo Anne and Charles on James Gichuru Road, near Muthangari Police Station. You can reach Charles on 0717 302 351. His prices are much cheaper than what you’ll find being sold along Redhill.

An organised pantry makes me feel like such an adult! May my life be this organised.


Baskets help me feed my OCD. Gong can easily access her toys, I can easily keep the house neat.


This is my downfall. I’ve currently banned myself from browsing on Amazon because I go in looking for tea tree lotion and end up looking at carpets and leaving with a few things I don’t really need, but which I also kind of need. I bring my stuff in using Vitumob, which is how I scored a great deal on Bath&Body Works candles, and these little jars I store my cotton wool pads and ear buds in.

Amazon and Vitumob collaborated to bring some order to my bathroom.

Pic Yako

They are the reason my house looks like a shrine to Gong. They printed a bunch of pictures I had on my phone into Polaroid-type prints, and now I have my baby’s pictures everywhere. It’s great walking up and down my corridor and seeing a snippet of our lives immortalized in print.

It’s pictures like these that warm my heart and remind me of how far we’ve come. I want more! (pictures, not babies)


That’s it for now. Would you like to see more home content? Also, should I start doing videos on all things home? I’m terribly camera shy but I love to share my little home projects and finds so I’m thinking about it. Should I?



  • October 1, 2018

    Jackie wambaire

    OH MY GOD!! Your home is GOALS! The aesthetics WOW! Am sorry I will have to replicate some of this inspiration- if not all, into my home. I am madly in love with your bedroom..it gives me an ….
    Please start doing videos.

      • October 3, 2018

        Jackie wambaire

        Oh darl…thank you. On the bedroom topic still, did you repaint the closet – when repainting the room? &…where did you purchase the carpet?

  • October 1, 2018


    Perfect tips!! I am so trying out your basket guys amongst others! Am so frustrated WITH TACC lately they are moving stuff around so shopping is not fun at all. Thanks for.sharing can’t wait for the next blog or vlog 🙂

  • October 1, 2018


    I love love home deco stuff..and you are so creative…yes yes please do share!

  • October 1, 2018

    wanjeri obi

    Love it!! You should do more.

  • October 1, 2018


    Very helpful information.am also into interior not by professional but passion. good ideas learnt from you

  • October 1, 2018


    You’re the best thank you Shiro.

  • October 1, 2018


    Thank you so much for this.
    I had been thinking of doing a black wall in my living room. You gave me the inspiration.

    Keep doing this. ☺

  • October 1, 2018

    Yes please! I love your taste in home decor!

  • October 1, 2018


    Your home is just ridiculous!! I mean that in the most awe-struck way! I love how you repurpose stuff once it gets to your home to fit your aesthetic. Your personality shows in how you choose to style them and there is a connection through out because you envision and stick to it. Yes please to whatever it is you want to do on home..we’ll follow!! You could even have a channel on the same.
    PS: I will hold your banner on ‘Tastemaker coming through. Make way please…’
    Thanks for featuring us! You left an indelible mark in our little existence:)

  • October 1, 2018


    Don’t know about the rest but I’m in for the videos!!..your deco game is just on another level. And..speaking as a member of the ‘weird plant lady next door’ fraternity I hereby grant the murdered plant eternal bliss..

  • October 2, 2018


    Thanks so much Shiro, so nice of you. Very few would do this. People feel they should keep their suppliers secret, I wonder why. Wish you blessings.

  • October 4, 2018

    carol kamau

    Gosh I my house needs work!! Am dedicating Moi day to organizing and revamping my house. I hope it comes out half as good as yours

  • October 14, 2018


    Yes you should! Meehn! How I love your blogs❤
    Keep at it!

  • October 29, 2018


    Your blog is my happy place.Where did you get your curtains ?

  • November 23, 2018

    Linda Maganga

    I look at you home and it gives me so much inspiration. The simplicity, orderly, clean and classy is what i admire. I see myself in your in you when it comes to your style in decor…lovely!!! I so like. Let me start shopping now.

  • December 17, 2018


    Amazing!I love your content.Please start a you tube channel.

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