I’ll cut straight to the chase, alright? I meant to post this two weeks ago, but life and doubt got in the way. Every time I’d sit down to sort through the pictures, trying to decide which ones to share, how to edit them, I’d obsess over which ones to pick, and then toss them and promise to try again the next day because I didn’t think they were good enough. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and insecurity really is a bitch guys. May I be delivered from it soon (can I hear an “amen”?)

Anyway, doing this master bedroom was a dream. I was a bit apprehensive initially because of the massive pillar that someone saw fit to have in the master bedroom, but it ended up somehow inspiring the room’s colour scheme because I didn’t want to paint it over that special effects turquoise paint (I never got the name).

Seriously, why would an architect, developer and everyone else who makes decisions about these things think it would be ok to have this big-ass pillar in the master bedroom? WHY??
Before – from a different angle
See how they had attempted to decorate the wall with these mirrors to make them match the pillar…

So while wondering how to work around that pillar, I found myself staring at this blue and white display at Mr. Price Home one afternoon while wandering around Sarit Centre after a visit to the clinic for food poisoning. I was struggling to walk straight, but I somehow had the strength to walk into the shop and look for pretty things. Because I have priorities, and creating nice spaces is right at the top of my list. Plus my client is a pisces so I thought bringing shades of blue into the space would be calming for her.

Only blues we like! This is the display at Mr Price Home (Sarit Centre) that inspired the room’s colour palette. I really wish I’d bought one of those face vases.
A section of the Pinterest board I created with pins that inspired me…

And that’s how we ended up with this, what I call “approachable luxe.” It’s beautiful to look at, but comfortable enough to live in. The kind of space that could easily pass for a nice boutique hotel, but which invites you to come in, lie down and rest.

Paint – Plascon Antique Petal 43; bed, side tables, large pillows in back – client’s own; blue pillows middle and front, blue throw – Mr. Price Home; lighting – Meydan Lightings; painting – TACC.
I genuinely love these shades of blue against the neutral grey wall and the gold accents. Fun fact: the client picked this throw from Mr. Price in SA the same afternoon I’d gone window shopping for pillows and selected these ones. I didn’t even know she had traveled when she sent me pictures of it – I thought she was shopping in Nairobi! When you vibe with someone, you just vibe.


Mixing metals is not a faux pas no more! Gold alarm clock – Coffee Creatives; bronze picture frame – TACC; books – client’s own.
I’m not getting tired of mid-century modern-inspired lighting any time soon. For real. Chandelier and wall sconces – Meydan Lightings.
Side table – client’s own; faux potted plant, picture frame and candle – TACC.
I think we found a way to make the pillar less of an eye sore, right? It certainly helps that this beautiful, custom chest of drawers by Santana Africa is right next to it. Curtains and sheers (fabric) – TACC; marble effect carpet – Odds & Ends.


I went over tons of pictures on Pinterest looking for something I thought would work for the space. We needed quite a bit of storage so it needed to be functional and pretty, and to create a focal point that would distract the eye from that pillar.  I’m obsessed with it to be honest.
I wanted to keep some of the more colourful accessories neatly concealed to avoid having too many colours in one space, so I worked with Lynn from Santana Africa to incorporate storage for belts and necklaces into the top drawers.
One of my biggest pet peeves is a cluttered dresser, so we worked to keep the top of this one as clean as possible. Gold candle holders – Coffee Creatives; candles – Mr. Price Home; faux snakeskin velvet-lined box and white vase – Decor Gallery.
Tray – Coffee Creatives; faux tulips (I cannot for the life of me remember, but Welcome Home used to have similar ones); reed diffuser and perfume – client’s own.
Perfume – client’s own; tray – Coffee Creatives. These trays are actually close to brushed brass, but they reflected the light from the dressers to look like this.
Fitted an artificial bamboo from TACC in the weird nook created by the pillar to add some greenery. My client travels quite often so I wanted to bring in the green without the commitment for some of the spaces. She’s also not a very good plant mom, just like me LOL.
When we were measuring the size of this mirror the closet wasn’t complete. We ended up measuring about 2 inches longer than we should have so it wouldn’t fit after the closet was done. That mirror  ended up in my guest room, and we had to make this to replace it.
The mirror was inspired by Anthropologie’s vintage-inspired floor mirrors, which I’m a HUGE fan of of. I had it made and installed by Daniel – 0723465263 – who also made the mirrors I used here and here.

Did we nail it?

Also, I just wanted to say thank you to my assistant Shiku for being the dopest wingman on this project. From dealing with painters and suppliers while I was stuck at work, to arguing with a fundi who wanted to do his own things and putting me on video call to prover her point, and working late to make sure the house was liveable from day one of moving in.

Next week I’ll share pictures of the bathroom and balcony. Can’t wait!

  1. Oh My God you winged it!!! the neutral colours just blend in well and the blue outstands itself…the gold finsihes awesome…you make me want to own a home…Great job.Quality.Stunning.

  2. Perfection! As a Pisces, I’m living! This is blue done right, grown, sexy and sophisticated without pretense. Love. Why is it that most Pisces I know have a thing for Mademoiselle and Miss Dior? I’m on that list/ Love the greys. Love how you used a pain point as inspiration. Ypu did a fabulous job. And that Anthropologie mirror is all over my dream baord on Pinterest like I told you . . . one day I’ll holler at Daniel Inshallah. Bamboo! That’s on my list too. That or the birds of paradise leaves or a huuuuuge fern like Monica Geller had in her apartment. I cannot wait to see the bathroom and balcony. Share soon please! Beautiful outcome as always.

  3. You did an amazing job, lady!

    I am not a pisces but rather a Taurus. We are known for our love of fine luxurious things and this is right up a Taurean’s alley. Your client has exquisite furniture taste too. Peep that bed.

    Finally a word of encouragement for moments of doubt: Keep going even when you do not know or are unsure. Only when you move will you learn. Will you grow. And as is evidenced from this latest series, there are people who are blessed by your work (Your client pisces for one, and the rest of us who are admiring this wishing we could get you to do our homes). In the Bibilical setting, great achievements were made by people who were unsure of themselves but never stopped: from Moses rescuing the Israelites, to Paul the greatest apostle, and humanity is better off because they kept at it in spite of their initial inner voice. And everytime you honor your true self, the nations of God are blessed (Romans 8:19).

  4. Your work is so beautiful…. the bedroom is so welcoming and as a pisces the colour blue in the room looks so amazing! Great job, keep making spaces beautiful. One day we will be coming for your services.

  5. Love love love the mirror… Also I think the colour scheme works great especially with that pillar. Excited to see the rest of the house

  6. Oh wow….this is so beautiful!!!!!!! Just wondering? Is the space from the bed to the closet big, or its just as small.
    Would definitely love more pictures.

  7. Nailed it! I love ‘approachable luxe’ is exactly the vibe this room gives off. Thank you for finally sharing this with us. Can’t wait for the rest!

  8. Wow! wow! wow! I’m obsessed. In fact, obsessed is an understatement. This is so freaking beautiful. I can’t. I’m completely unable to can. Well done

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