Have you ever looked at someone and gotten some not too child-friendly thoughts? Thoughts that no matter how fleeting, will come back to you every time you see that person? Thoughts you know you shouldn’t have but can’t help yourself. I have. And I bloody well enjoyed them haha!!
You see, lust is a sin. That’s what my Bible says, and I believe it. But I also know that I can’t help lusting after all sorts of things. The one thing that probably saves me is that I move on quick so I rarely ever get the chance to act on that lust. But the thing about lust, at least for me anyway, is that I enjoy it in my head, it’s more fun there. I can tell you, and for free too, that there’s a high chance that what you lust after will disappoint you, but not if it stays in your head, where it can be exactly what you want it to be. I like men. I’m comfortable around them. I’ve been accused of being a she-male, so isn’t it fitting that I’m a very visual creature? And when I say visual I mean visual. Now in my downtime, or when I just don’t feel like doing anything even remotely constructive, I look at people. Most Kenyans just stare rudely, but I take in the sights discreetly, sometimes appreciate what they have to offer.
See, I have a thing for lips. Yes, lips. I have categories. Thin lips, lips that look like they would engulf you if you kissed them, cracked lips that would probably severely injure you if you got close (and also made you question yourself for not making wiser choices in life), lips that look that they just kissed pork (that’s glossy for ladies but glossy lips on a man = some pork kissing activity), lips that make beautiful smiles, lips stuck in permanent sneers, and my favourite, kissable lips. Not many people have those, because those are lips that God took some time on. Lips that warrant the ‘…and it was good’ thing they put in Genesis (not a movie, the Bible) in the creation story. I like those. I really do. There’s something about a man with kissable lips that calls you to him, makes you look at his lips as he talks to you, tells you he’s a good man, says he’s good at so many other things, usually all lies. See why I said these things are better enjoyed in your head?
Then there’s backs. Not backsides as is gluteus maximus, but back as in mgongo. Lemme tell you, a beautiful back is something to behold. If it wasn’t, then all those Italian and Greek sculptors would not have made so many naked men. Have you ever really looked at a man’s back? It’s a personal favourite activity on the beach or by the poolside. I spend more time lounging than actually in the water, looking at all those backs, glistening in the sun, and the best part of it is, their owners have absolutely no idea what you’re doing? I mean can you imagine someone getting pissed off at you for looking at his back? Most people consider it about as sexy as a toenail, or a knuckle, an elbow. So I get away with it, every single time. The back is one sexy body part on a man. There’s something about the curve of the shoulders *yummy shudder*, the tapering at the waist (I don’t look at fat men’s backs, sorry), that point at the base, *sigh* I feel about the back what guys feels for hips, ass and boobs. And look at this way, a man with a beautiful back cannot have a comical body, so lots for the price of one, haha! There, judge me now.

So I’m done talking about men’s bodies for now, but you look at a nice back sometime and lemme know how it goes.
Now for my random thought, I saw a guy being driven back left…wearing dark sunglasses…in a…wait for it…Toyota IST! For some reason I found it hilarious! Like seriously, that guy either doesn’t know how to drive, or has taken it upon himself to create some employment seeing as our government has been slow to do that. He gets 3 gold stars, one for his kindness, 2 for making my morning haha!

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