This is my first blog post as a 34-year-old. I keep mentioning how old I am, partly because I still can’t believe I’ve hit the “mid-thirties”; partly because this is my own little way of owning the number and not making age that thing women don’t talk about like it’s supposed to be a big shameful secret, and partly because I need to keep reminding myself that time isn’t waiting for me and I can’t afford to sit and chill when I have dreams to work towards.

The last year has been a trial. From trying to settle into my job and constantly worrying that I wasn’t cut out for it – or it wasn’t cut out for me; to being tested in ways that had me wondering what the point of some things I was putting so much effort into was. But I’m here, and I’m blessed and I’m incredibly grateful that I get the chance to chase dreams, live life and continuously learn.

Another thing I’m grateful for? How this room turned out.

This bedroom is a little bigger than your average Nairobi sleeping quarters. You can literally divide it into two and it still wouldn’t feel cramped, which posed a bit of a challenge because we needed to fill it out without having unnecessary pieces just to take up floor space. This is what it looked like before.

This room is massive by Nairobi, hell, Kenyan standards.

You could literally divide it into two and still have a decent space.

But the thing with lots of space is that it can also be challenging to style.

Now this client had been waiting for me to get my act together for about six months before we could get started, so I went into this constantly thinking that I couldn’t afford to disappoint her after making her wait so long. It ended up being the perfect timing because I’d been dreaming of playing with jungle green, warm woods, leather and incorporating boho-chic elements into a space, and she was into it, so we decided to go for it.

This Pinterest board is where it all began. I think I started with one leather piece and it just grew from there.

The colours looked great on the palette but when we painted the wall the first time my assistant Shiku sent me pictures and I got a little heart attack.

It was a toss-up between the Olive and Deep Dragon from Plascon. I’m usually drawn to darker colours so choosing Olive felt like a massive risk, but I thought it paired really well with Antique Petal, a Cultured Cow favourite.

I didn’t like it. It looked off, like yucky moss, even with the little light grey trim at the top that I thought would give it a funky little twist. I wasn’t feeling it. Then we added a few more coats and it started coming together beautifully, and we spent a lot of time shopping for the right pieces, and we ended up with this.

I’m quite pleased with it actually. And thankfully, the client is too. Bed – client’s own; leather bench and side tables – Santana Africa; carpet – Classy & Elegance; desk lamps and wall bracket – Meydan Lightings; custom tapestry – The Macrame Project; chandelier – client’s mom’s

Mix and match bed and night stands are such a vibe, and these mid-century modern-inspired ones by Santana Africa provide extra storage for bits and pieces. Basket – Erika’s Antique.

Seriously, how gorgeous are they?! I love how the different shades of brown complement each other. And brushed brass finish on that desk lamp? Ugh! Lamp and wall bracket – Meydan Lightings; bedding & pillows – Smartlady Home. (just noticed the cables I forgot to position neatly, * eye roll *)

I’m genuinely obsessed with these lamps. They have such a vintage vibe to them. Lamp – Meydan Lightings; Bath & Body Works candle – Treasured Scents.

I don’t think I’ve ever styled a room and failed to use candles. I love their warmth, the look of a flickering flame, and fragrance. Everyone needs this. Candle – Treasured Scents.

I’d been looking for “choppable” pillows for so long, then Smartlady Home came through and my life will never be the same again. And how about that boho-inspired lumbar pillow? Also from Smartlady Home.

Had this custom macrame wall hanging made by The Macrame Project. I’ve never styled with macrame before but my mom used to make macrame accessories when I was a kid and this brought back memories of that. Say hello to boho-chic meets mid-century modern with that dope light! Wall bracket – Meydan Lightings.

I was hella scared that this bench wouldn’t turn out exactly how I’d envisioned it, but Santana Africa did the damn thing, as always! Basket – Erika’s Antique; white throw – Ushanga Store; carpet – Classy & Elegance. Finding a variety of unique carpets in this Nairobi is my current headache. It feels like everyone brings the same stuff so carpet suppliers, I’m begging you, give. us. variety.

I can hear Lil’ Wayne singing “My leather so soft, my top so soft…”. Can you hear it too? No? Anyway, enjoy that detail. I was floored! 100% Kenyan leather bench – Santana Africa.

I love the view from this side, it’s almost like a different space once you look away from the dark green feature wall. Peep that dresser and mirror!

Custom mirror – Daniel, he’s legit (0723 465 263). Tell him I sent you. Snake plant and planter – Dashing Spaces.

I put these boots here for no other reason than to create a cute styling moment. And I like it.

100% obsessed with Santana Africa’s work. Those rods at the bottom are everything!

Seriously, is there a single colour that doesn’t look good with gold or brass accents? See how those handles elevate the green paint job on that dresser? Now looking to use matte black hardware, that would be dope.

Would’ve loved a bigger desk since the framed print above it is so large, but who says everything has to be perfect, right? Desk – Muundo KE; chair – Odds & Ends; leather pillow – HBG By Azaria; print framing & installation – Wycliffe – 0720 179 930; faux sheepskin rug – Harvey Store KE.

I really like the mid-century modern vibe of this desk though. And storage is always, always a win. Retro alarm clock – Eclectic Decor KE; picture frame – TACC.

Nice and different, right? I’m really feeling that feature wall and I hope feature walls never go out of style.

I still feel like we could’ve gotten away with more pieces, possibly another plant or two, but I still love how it turned out – and we did add a shoe rack after I took these pictures. I’m even low-key contemplating playing with some dark greens in our home, but my commitment to black won’t let other colours be great so I really hope I can get more clients who’ll allow me to experiment with their homes and offices.


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    Looks amazing!!!!

  • September 20, 2020

    Wanja Kuria

    Amazing I simply love your way using different elements bring out

  • September 20, 2020

    Jane Gatiu

    This looks perfect.

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    Beautiful!…You did a good job and I love how the blog is well put down, makes us move along with you and your thoughts. I’m a lover of interior design❤

  • September 22, 2020


    Great read and as always you did such an awesome job.

    Also the view of the room really is different from the door.
    Cheers to ascent walls!

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    This is so beautiful!

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    Love it

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