The past couple of weeks have been pretty amazing. It seems like things are falling into place, I’ve been working on getting my head space right, and I’m getting the opportunity to work on some really dope projects.

I’m still extremely overwhelmed by the amount of work on my plate. Turns out juggling a full-time job and a demanding passion-turned-second-job is not as easy as I thought it would be; I don’t remember the last time I took some time off to rest or had a free weekend; I feel like my mind is always spinning and half the time I feel like I might have bitten off a lot more than I can chew (even with my big mouth); but you know what? My heart is full, and I’ve got so much to be grateful for, including all the love and support I’ve been getting on my interior styling projects. Who knew that spending time on Pinterest and interior décor blogs and vlogs would get me here!

This week I’m grateful for friends who trust me with their spaces. I recently had the chance to make over my friend Frankie’s bedroom after months of telling him we had to do something about his mirror selfies, which he loves to take. I’ve known this guy for about eight years now and I know his personality: it wasn’t matching his space.

So one afternoon while at his place for a party, I casually mentioned to him that it was time we worked on his room. Two days later, he hit me up and asked me to send him a budget and we could do it, and because I don’t play with my money or the chance to make something beautiful, we got started.

This is what we had before.

The room is quite spacious, but the layout left too much dead space.
This ironing board bothered me, and like most rentals in Nairobi, the walls were painted “landlord cream”.
I also really wanted to do something about the lighting, which had a very traditional feel. There’s nothing traditional about Frankie.
I wanted to cover the closet as well, and make it another focal point of the room. Plus I thought it would be nice to give Frankie something interesting to show people when taking selfies.

I immediately knew that I wanted to change the room layout, add colour and light and some fun elements to the room: something that would complement his personality. This guy is loud, he’s fun, he’s the life of the party, he stands out. He has presence, he commands your attention, and he can kill you with laughter.

So we decided to go bold with a feature wall painted in Plascon Atlantic Ocean (B2-C1-1), paired with a more subtle light grey in Antique Petal (43). I don’t usually work with bright colours – I’m more of a neutrals girl – so I knew that picking such a vibrant hue was going to be a challenge for me, but I knew that I wanted something that would make a statement.

I was also a little nervous about whether the colour would work with the furniture that Frankie had already picked out, the wallpaper I wanted to try out, and how we were going to accessorise the space without it looking like we tried too hard. A few sleepless, anxiety-wracked nights later, this is what we have.

So many things I’m loving about the space now! Bed, night stands and chest of drawers from Orca Deco (client’s choice); rug from Odds & Ends; pillows from Smartlady Home; chandelier and wall bracket from TACC; bedding client’s own, custom full length mirror by Daniel – 0723 465 263
I’m obsessed with the chandelier and wall bracket, mostly because they’re beautiful AND I bought them for a steal during the TACC Xmas sale. Such a win! One bulb blew just before I went to take pictures, and the replacement I carried to switch it out ended up being the wrong size LOL.
This custom, full length mirror (1m L x 1.6m H) seems to be a favourite. Frankie really wanted a full length mirror and I think it’s safe to say that Daniel and I delivered, going by the number of selfies being taken here now.
Another favourite for me is the wall art. Got these prints custom sized and framed by Plush Interiors, who are quickly becoming my go-to for minimalist wall art.
I think I might have picked the exact same carpet for my guest bedroom. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no? Tribal carpet, Odds & Ends, also on sale.
I was so scared about mixing metals and different colours, but this wall just complements them all so beautifully!
The custom gold frames and wall bracket with gold finish against this wall are really doing it for me.
I picked the lamp, hand, and wooden tray up from Mr. Price Home, Sarit Centre. I was sick that day and had gone to the clinic there, but somehow still found the strength to shop for this project while walking out. I love the different textures at play here, and how the hand seems to be telling me everything is good 🙂
I was initially going to go for a brass or gold finish on the lamps, but I saw this copper tone and thought it would be fun to mix metals. The little wire decorative ball is also from Mr. Price Home.
Pillows are life! Frankie also asked me to find a way to bring in some yellow/mustard tones into his room. I couldn’t find the exact mustard shade I was looking for, but Smartlady Home came through with these vibrant throw pillows in velvet, and they worked brilliantly paired with this white textured pillow.
Look at that texture!
Picked up this faux leather occasional chair from Odds & Ends on a whim. I’d gone there to buy some carpets for myself and another client, and I couldn’t let it go after seeing it on sale. Accessorised it with a rich velvet green pillow and cozy knit throw from Smartlady Home.
No hotel room is complete without a chair, right? And the green on the pillow complements the blue-green of the wall, so it’s like they were meant to be.
Another decor staple: greenery. This miniature potted tree is from TACC, and was another unplanned but very much loved purchase during the sale. I was looking for something to accessorise the chest of drawers with and this just seemed perfect. It brings height and life (even if it is artificial) and makes it look like we paid attention to what had started out as an awkward area. Top tip: if you’re a reader, find a way to decorate using your books.
I’m a big fan of reed diffusers. They look good and smell good, and are a giant step up from spraying your room with air freshener. And I could never say no to a candle in a pretty, textured pot. Diffuser from TACC, candle from Mr. Price Home.
I don’t know why I didn’t get a better picture of the artificial fiddle leaf fig in the corner, and the grey plant pot. I blame it on the hunger I was feeling at the time. The pot is another sale find from TACC, and has some great texture on it. I actually have a similar one on my balcony.
Artificial fiddle leaf fig from Home Decor 254. As a rule, artificial plants should also look real.
I was actually looking for a different print to go on the closet, something closer to banana leaf palm, but this was the closest I could get. I was so anxious about it being too much and clashing with the wall, but somehow, it works for Frankie. Wallpaper and installation, Wallpaper Kenya.
It definitely makes a bold statement, but so does my client. I was going to put a seat under the dresser but I thought it would be unlikely that Frankie would use it so I got this medium sized basket from Erika’s Antique, for him to put his PJs or extra pillows in. It’s made from recycled polythene paper and has real Kenyan leather handles.
Obligatory Cultured Cow hand post. I kept feeling the subtle texture on the wallpaper, while simultaneously telling myself to breathe in, relax, and trust that it would work.
I never thought I would voluntarily suggest flowered wallpaper, but here we are.
Styling the dresser was one of the biggest challenges for me, because my client had a lot of product on it. I convinced him to put away what wasn’t used daily, and then I got these round wooden trays from TACC and arranged his stuff on it. It’s a very simple look, but it brings some order and style.
It’s amazing how much difference a simple wooden tray can make. 

I promised Frankie that I was going to give him a bedroom that looked like a boutique hotel room. Do you think I nailed it? It’s definitely my boldest work yet. I feel like I really pushed my boundaries by incorporating so many colours in one room, but we’re both very happy with how it turned out.

To more colour, and more clients who trust me to just do the damn thing!

Now I’m getting excited about working with more colour, but I pray that nobody asks me to paint their walls orange or lime green. I wouldn’t know what to do with that.







  1. You have Brilliance in interiors!! The room is handsome..HEHE. The space is cozy. Your out of the box styling is an inspiration. I struggle with my dresser now i know what to do..

  2. I Can’t Get Enough For Sure , Damn TheCulturedCow !!!!! I Admire Your Work God Keep Blessing This Wonder Woman With More Clients So That I Can Have This Happiness I Get Whenever I See Cute Spaces

  3. OMG Shiro!! Your eye for colour, design, and beauty astounds me. And so does your attention to detail. God Bless you and your talent Mama!!

  4. Shiko your work is amazing your taste in decor its on another level.
    I dont know when but i know one day i will call you you do my house let me start saving now .
    This bedroom makes me think twice on inviting someone for a sleep over.
    Great work and May Allah bless everything that you do……..


  5. I’m really shy when it comes to color and bold statements e.g the wallpaper, but this, I definitely am in love. It’s perfect!

  6. Amazing is what you did here. I love everything. It’s sooo chic I love it.
    Lol I would be so happy to go home to that room.
    My best pieces were the blue-green wall, the rug, the light fixtures and the furniture, everything really.

    Wishing many more spaces to decorate !!!

  7. So beautiful . If I had the coins, I would hire you and then some more, also if you start a consultation service here are my schmonies

  8. Job well done. I love the space that you created but still being calm and not too hyper for a bedroom. As for Frankie’s products, I stan..

    LOVE IT!!!

  9. Turned out amazing! You totally nailed it especially with that wallpaper, I too wouldn’t give it a second look, but hey looks great here!

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