I’m a confident babe. I don’t often doubt myself, and I think I kick ass in my life most times. At least that’s what I’ve taught myself to believe. I’ve got that can do attitude, and it’s gotten me pretty damn far if you ask me.

So what does a confident babe who just happens to be a new mom do when it’s time for the baby’s first doctor’s appointment? She dresses up, draws her eyebrows (staying in the house all day every day is really preserving my ka-40 bob eye pencil that’s dangerously close to running out), passes on the lipstick because she’s leaving the house bare faced – visible post-partum acne flare-up and all – marvels at her weight loss and dresses her baby cute. You never know who you’ll bump into, right?

Anyway, My Lover and I walk in to the doctor’s office looking, in my head, like a couple that’s handling new parenthood very well. Our turn comes and we go to triage, where we’re asked to undress the baby for her weight to be taken. I’m looking at that scale like it’s going to give my baby the tetanus because it’s wobbly and ancient AF. From the get go, I’m not trusting it to do my baby justice. I’m doing my best side-eye sorceress impression as the babe tries to balance the scale while my baby squirms in discomfort (she’s not used to such cold metal surfaces).

It’s taking a lot not to ask that babe whether she’s sure about that scale. Especially when she tells me the baby has gained 200g. I’m looking at her like, TF you mean 200g? In three weeks? And the way she’s got me feeding her all damn day and is rapidly outgrowing her (really cute) newborn clothes? Not possible. I want to ask her to try again and read that thing properly, but I manage to shut up and look gracious about that obviously erroneous pronouncement.

A part of me is looking at my baby like; “how you gon’ gain just 200g and you feed all the time? Where is the milk going? Are you pooping it all out? OH MY GOD AM I STARVING YOU?” Another part of me is saying maybe she just has that great metabolism that she’ll come to appreciate later in life, which she probably got from her father and not me.

But the bigger part is fixated on what the doctor calls a “modest gain”. I don’t do modest. I’m an all or nothing person. And I thought my baby was just like me, going by how she goes from zero to one hundred when upset and how hungrily she lunges at my boob when she wants to feed. Now here we are. Ati 200g. I’m trying to look unfazed but on the inside I’m positively crushed. I’m dying. I’m seeing this as a failure on my part, and it’s made worse when the doctor asks to check my flow and proceeds to squeeze my nipples gently. There’s barely anything. She frowns a little and mutters: “That’s unimpressive”.

In my head I want to go all Nene Leakes on her ass. What does she mean “unimpressive”? Did she expect it to come out like a sprinkler? I tell myself to chill out a little, and say, in a very meek voice, that the baby has just been feeding, and My Lover, because he’s a wise, wise man, adds that sometimes my breasts even leak. To which she says nothing more than “Aah.” I’m getting mad at the doctor, because I feel judged. But I’m also getting really upset at the fact that I don’t have enough milk to make my baby gain more weight faster. I don’t want a skinny baby, I want her to be chubby so I can call her Chubs, and have nice rolls of skin to marvel at when I bathe her.

Let me tell you, nothing challenges your confidence like new motherhood does. Nothing prepares you for the amount of self-doubt you will feel, and how the slightest indication that something isn’t right or could be better is somehow your fault.

The doc asks me whether I’ve been eating and I say yes. And it’s the truth. I just haven’t been stuffing my face like many breastfeeding women do. Why? Because a) eating all the time is so damn tiring, I need a break, and b) because I really, really, don’t want to gain more weight – I want to lose all my pregnancy weight ASAP and I know the combination of eating all day and spending most of my time indoors will not allow me to prosper.

I catch myself whining about having to eat all the time, noting full well that it’s now 3pm and all I’ve had today is a bowl of uji (thanks Mom!) and fruits, which I had at noon as a late breakfast. I can swear I hear her sigh and mutter something under her breath, before she tells me, in what I figure must be her most patient voice, the one she reserves for annoying mothers, that I need to stop thinking about weight and just eat all the uji and njahi and soup so that I can make more milk for my baby.

This is all so confusing to me. On one hand you have the people like her and my mom, who are convinced that the only way to ensure I have enough to feed my baby is to eat dense foods all day; while on the other hand I’m told “just eat a balanced diet, and take lots and lots of fluids. You don’t need to eat for two.”

I feel like I’m being pulled in two opposite directions and there I am in the middle, confused and scared that I’m not being a good mother because my baby is not gaining weight like she has the potential to just because I can’t get the hang of this breastfeeding diet thing and it’s affecting my milk production. And I know she has potential because she is my spawn and I am weight gain potential personified.

So now I’ve given in to the eating, though I’m still trying to do it in moderation – smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, including the uji, and lots of hot fluids. Hell, even my drinking water is hot these days. I know I need to do it for my baby but man, am I struggling.

To be very, very honest, the struggle is also because I know that deep down inside, I’m a vain cow. I’m ecstatic about already losing about half the weight I put on during pregnancy (I’ve lost 10 kilos y’all!), and I’m scared that if I eat the way the older women are telling me to eat I’ll be right back to that near tenth of a tonne I weighed by the time I was having the baby. I don’t want rolls and hurricane thunder thighs and a pooch! I want to snap back and wear my tight clothes and show off my waist and hips again. I also don’t want a whole new wardrobe because I miss my pre-pregnancy clothes and I have every intention of fitting into them – and my body shaper – again.

Right now though, that’s the least of my worries because nature has given me something else to worry about. I have a hemorrhoid. Not that there’s an ideal time for it, but the timing couldn’t be worse! Now that I’ve committed to eating a bit more than I was allowing myself just so I can produce more milk for my spawn, I know it needs to go somewhere – and that shit is painful (pardon the pun). Now I’m not only not very confident in my ability to feed my child, I can’t even be confident about a trip to the bathroom. On the upside though, I’ve learned a new skill; I can now administer my own suppository. It’s been such a fun week.




  • July 29, 2017


    Oh the cow chronicles….I have a 4 month chubby girl. When I was your stage I too thought damn I am doing something wrong. We had only gained 400grams #tearsbucketsfull. Worry not…your fat rolls too are a few weeks away.
    Of course I too initially ignored the njahi, fermented porridge stuff till that visit to the docs woke me up!!
    Noooow? I’m that lady who will have 6 slices of toast with butter not moderate but enough so that the milk is creamy(my aunt’s trick) for breakfast. I eat with no remorse cause my job is to play cow and I don’t intend to fail….
    NOW… my docs visit are about “no no no you’re overfeeding her”. We are 8.1kgs and going….granted I’m a child from a horizontally challenged family…she is piling those kilos faster than I had hoped and guess what? I’m losing mine. So worry not, dense foods and breastfeeding will relate to weight loss soon just be patient with it….
    Ps: uji and fruits?? I’d have my mother camp at my feet if I dared. Eat for the baby…gym when she is weaned.

  • July 29, 2017


    I like your blogs. No I love your blogs. Your honesty, stuff that people can relate to as opposed to trying to prove your superwomaness. Keep going it gets easier and your baby will be just fine

  • July 30, 2017


    Just had my fourth child and we are 3 months old now. I have never been a njahi uji soup kind of girl. I eat my meals as normal but try to drink loads of fluids. I try to drink a glass of water everytime I breastfeed,also have a boiled concoction of fennel, fenugreek,chamomile and dill in the fridge which I sweeten with honey and drink through out the day plus ovaltine at 4pm. I had oatmeal lactation cookies made which I snack on.

    I also started expressing from week 1 this really has helped with boosting my milk supply and I make sure to express at least once everyday if not twice and we are well on our way to exclusive breastfeeding. So it can be done without having to stuff yourself oh yeah and I’m already smaller than my pre pregnancy weight.

    All the best and it does get easier.

  • July 30, 2017

    Wow you have a way with words! Love your writing. I must say being an expectant mom to be i would totally be annoyed with the doctor

  • August 1, 2017

    My baby didn’t gain weight as per the growth chart. Nurses & paed used to give me such a hard time when I went for well baby clinic,sorry can’t remember the name. Mind you I stopped leaking when I my baby was 15 months. One day I found an old nurse who told me about her daughter was the same as mine so I should not get worried. Kids are different some gain weight & some don’t. You add your portions as the doctor advised & see if she will gain weight. Allergen best but remember you are doing a good job.

  • August 2, 2017

    About your weight gain worries, here’s the good news; breast feeding burns a tonne of calories! I lost 90% of my pregnancy weight in the first 2 months without even trying (I was living a very sedentary lifestyle given the fact that I was milking having my mom at my beck and call for all its worth) and only started gaining weight when I returned to work and couldn’t nurse as often as I wanted to – expressing just doesn’t burn quite the same calories imo.
    Anyway, in a nutshell, you dont need to eat for 2 per se but you definitely need to eat more than just uji and fruits.
    Good luck.

  • August 13, 2017

    Angela Ngoizi

    I lurv your honesty. My son is 1 year 7 months and it was crazy the first few weeks… I also got shocked at the new challenges of motherhood that are sooo unpredictable!
    I hate uji so I just ate abit more than usual but most important was the water!
    Also you will see the benefits of this struggle in a few weeks when she is chubby and super healthy!!

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