Little girl, 16 weeks old, light skin, likes to feed all day and fight sleep, enjoys bath time. Can be trained. Comes with toys. Call me. Price on request. Serious buyers only.

That was me about two weeks ago. Gong was into week two of yet another growth spurt, she was being clingy and fussy, and I was at my wits’ end. I was exhausted from being around her every waking minute, I missed my life before the baby, and all I wanted was to get a break from her. Nothing dramatic, I just felt like being away from her for longer than a two-minute pee break would be nice. Though in hindsight maybe coming up with an ad for the classifieds might have been a bit much, but at the time all I wanted was to not be a mom, even if just for a few hours.

That was until I read a post on Facebook, encouraging moms to share their stories of postpartum depression (PPD). I was shook. There’s a lady who spoke about slapping her newborn because he wouldn’t stop crying; another who wanted to kill herself because she thought her family would be better off without her, and yet another who would shake her baby in desperation. I read of women who spent hours crying with their babies; women who’d survived periods so dark that they couldn’t believe they had once wanted to drive into oncoming traffic just to end it all.

Being a mom is not easy, and being a woman doesn’t mean that motherhood comes naturally to you. At least it hasn’t been for me. Throughout my pregnancy I’d see photos of glowing Insta-moms with their perfectly round bellies, fashionable outfits and little broods, and I’d be like, I can do that, how hard can it be? Until I started piling on the weight and got too tired to keep trying so hard, then I told myself to calm down and just let things be. Also known as eat your heart out and just be a fat, happy girl.

Then I got the baby and I’d still see these Insta-moms who made it seem like everything was so easy. Like breastfeeding was a breeze and came with instant weight loss, while I’d curse in pain each time Gong latched, and I’m yet to lose the baby weight despite breastfeeding and pumping all the damn time.

I remember during the first weeks, and even now during this long growth spurt (we’re on week 5 now), I’d look at My Lover coming back from work and wonder why we couldn’t trade places. At first I’d be excited about hearing all about his day, wanting to know how things were outside these black walls. But then I’d listen to him talk about it and watch him respond to emails and feel a little resentment rising; I also wanted to come back from work with my nice work clothes and my laptop and have urgent things to respond to, instead of spending most of my days in leggings and vests, nursing, changing and coaxing Gong to sleep, on repeat.

I wanted to have the option of getting up and leaving the house without having to think through a million things first, just like he did. To meet up with my people for a loose drink after work, just like he did. I wanted my old life back, to be the career woman again, not just the caregiver; the mom.

Some days I still feel like that. I want to wear my tight skirts and high heels and have emails to respond to and deadlines to moan about; to have a better answer when asked how my day was, beyond things like “she’s back to pooping mustard now” and “we took a nap”.

Some days I still want to take a break from my baby, go away by myself and just do something really adult; like order lunch that requires you to use a fork and knife (my baby specifically waits for me to start eating before she demands attention, so I’ve been forced to learn to eat with one hand while I nurse her). I’d like to have said lunch with a high content alcoholic beverage (I can only take the occasional dilute shandy now), and read a good book, without wondering how long I can go without having to milk myself.

But after reading those women’s stories, I’ve stopped whining. I love my Gong, but do I love being a mom every day? No. But woe is not me. Now I give thanks. I know that even when my baby has really tried me (kwanza on Sundays), I’m pretty damn lucky to have her and not have to deal with a debilitating mental situation at the same time. Now, I find pleasure in the most mundane of tasks, like making my bed while she smiles and coos. And I am grateful that I have a Lover who will look at me and tell me that I have the most important job; that gets me through the day, and it reminds me to spare a thought for all those new moms out there battling PPD and the baby blues. This is my new normal, and I pray that theirs gets better.




  • November 9, 2017


    Link the Facebook page…
    Also nice read, very encouraging

  • November 10, 2017

    You are doing an awesome job and it takes strength of character to accept when things are bad but also take time to reflect how lucky you are. Again out here putting into words what most mums go through, thank you!

  • November 10, 2017


    So true, being a mom doesn’t come naturally to some of us but we do our best to be what our children need

    5 weeks is a bit too long for a growth spurt in my opinion. Have you heard of “The wonder weeks”? My current read. She’s probably gearing up for her week 19 mental leap, hence the clinginess and fussiness. signs normally appear between week 14 and 17

  • November 10, 2017


    sigh…. this is such a real post. Thankyou for the honesty, i think admitting that there are some bad days and some good days is in itself a sign of strength. We shall keep praying for you and other mummies out there… it aint easy…

    But Gong is just soooo cute….

  • November 10, 2017


    We’re always talking about insta moms making motherhood look easy, we fail to realize we too make it look easy. I follow you. I watch your stories and girl, you do make it look easy. I see you post some food and i feel alittle jealous coz whenever I’m almost putting my offspring down for a nap so i can prepare a meal n awake she is! Whenever I’m not busy though she seems to sleep no problem! But your blogs they give me life. They reassure me that its not just me we’re all going through it. And its not just my baby who’s spoilt n cant live without attention. It happens n its a phase that will pass. Sometimes I feel so frustrated but every minute I’m away from her all i can think of is her. They are our lives. Our hearts outside our bodies. Mine had a growth spurt a week ago. Lasted a full week. I honestly thought she was sick! Especially since Google says they should only last a day or two. My milk wasn’t enough. I had to supplement with fomula. I almost weaned a four month old baby. In short its not always easy but we are better together! Thanks for this blog it inspires alot. Always looking forward to a new post.

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